Goodness Heavenly Father, show me to see 

Those ways I have strolled, that make me  be, 

The one that I am, and am developing to see, 

Because of the encounters, life has served me. 

For what reason would I protest, or object about agony, 

With all that You offer, for me to accomplish? 

Show me to stroll, by the ways that I pick, 

Knowing Your quality, “strides” in my shoes. 

Go with me, through these earth trodden days, 

Showing me generally, Your Heavenly ways. 

Make me see, those whom You wish to favor, 

By sharing Your affection, through the words I admit. 

Light the ways, my feet set upon, 

Show me Your routes, from soonest first light. 

Protect over my musings, in all that I do, 

That all will know, I’m a creation of You. 

Show me to account, for each minute throughout everyday life, 

Picking euphoria in every way, rather than affliction strife. 

My radiance should rest, in the Peace that I know, 

The illustration I live, I implore dependably should appear, 

The Love of One, who strolls dependably in control, 

Of each human particular, and everything on the loose! 

Much thanks to You for this possibility, I need to show, 

How blissful this life, when I remain, 

Within the bounds of happiness, love, and peace, 

What’s more, respect the Creator, with instinctive discharge. 

Demonstrate to me the pathways, support my decision, 

By communing in Spirit, no requirement for Your voice. 

Give me the vision, of whom I might be, 

After minutes move toward becoming years, and Your face I see.

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