Poetry: The Joy Of Love And The Pain Of Loss

The Joy of Love and the Pain of Loss
Lying Next To Me
I woke up this morning and what did I see?
A beautiful girl lying next to me
Her pretty hair and beautiful eyes
What a lovely sight before sunrise
As the alarm rang I greeted her with a smile
Then put my arms around her and held her for a while
She gave me a gentle kiss on my face
That somehow told me I was in the right place
Her warm embrace, what a wonderful feeling
Such a kind heart and soul could do so much healing
A Really Nice Day
I’m writing this to you to try and say
Here’s hoping you have a really nice day
But something more is on my mind
Your beautiful smile and cute behind
I’m really enjoying our time together
The memories are bringing me sunshine during this cloudy weather
The wonderful times, the pleasant talks
And all the romantic nature walks
So I thought of you this poem I would write
I can’t wait until the next time I hold you tight
Underneath the glow of the moon
I hope that I will see you soon
So have a wonderful evening and restful night
And dream of me holding you tight
Your Companionship
I want to call you, but I’m trying to be strong
Some parts of the day feel so long
I wish things went differently for you and me
Back to the way things used to be
I know you and I had a special time together
But that doesn’t help temper this emotional weather
A rollercoaster I seem to be on
I’ll bet I could write a country music song
I guess I miss your companionship
At this hour I feel I’m in a rut, a dip
I guess I miss having you around
Hearing your voice, a beautiful sound

I know that we will be friends for life         



But four months ago you said you’d be my wife
It helps me to write this stuff out
You probably know what I am talking about
I don’t know if I should send this to you
If it is something that I should do
But for now, it has helped me get on with my day
I believe this is all I have to say
Your Poison Words
Your false promises flow through my head, like the souls of the damned down the river Styx
Their screaming echoes relentlessly bounce off the walls of the deep, dark tunnel
Scaring my emotionally fragile, eggshell mind
Cracking it beyond recognition, thoughts changed, perception distorted
A thick fog has clouded my mind, clarity forever unobtainable
What have you done to me?
I trusted you when you said you loved me
I am a spiritual mentor, multidimensional energetic healer, and guide and have written articles which offer assistance to people on their spiritual path


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