Different Colors of Life

Life is an amusement to play. 

It is a discussion to state. 

Life is a race to run. 

It is a reason to have some good times. 

Life is a swing to ride. 

It might be a give in to cover up. 

Life is a tune to sing. 

It is a ringer to ring. 

Life is a story to hear. 

It might be a torment to hold up under. 

Life is an adoration to be frantic. 

It is a nervousness to be pitiful. 

Life is a voyage to go on. 

It is a seed to be sown. 

Here and there turns into a rose to blossom. 

Furthermore, now and again clear as avoiding room. 

Life is a bliss to appreciate. 

It can be a protest demolish. 

It is a stream to stream. 

Also, a quick breeze to blow. 

Life is an enterprise to have a hazard. 

It can be a power to stand up to. 

It is a delightful film to watch. 

What’s more, a coin to hurl. 

Life is a battle to make a decent attempt. 

It is a creative energy of a troubadour. 

Life is a winged animal to fly. 

At times it is an agony to cry. 

Life is a blend of bliss and distress. 

A combo of today and tomorrow. 

Life is a tear to shed. 

It is confounded like a web. 

Life is beautiful like a rainbow. 

It has stages like a show. 

Some place a lesson to learn. 

also, someplace a fire to consume. 

Life is a stunner to see. 

It is a flexibility to be free. 

It is a thunder to crash. 

It is a ball to crush. 

Life is a sonnet to compose. 

It is a song to present. 

A fascinating book to peruse. 

It is a blessing that we require. 

Life is a decent way to walk. 

It is an excite to shake. 

Life is a beam to have trust. 

It is a co-task to adapt. 

Life is a chain of various circumstances. 

Someplace downgrades and someplace advancements. 

Life is a garden brimming with blossoms. 

It is a happiness of otherworldly showers. 

Life is a blessing given by God. 

It is brimming with chances like a unit. 

Life is a fantasy loaded with sweetness. 

However, in some cases changes into severe cruelty. 

Life is a plan to live calmly. 

It is a source to help other people generously. 

Life is a chuckling to giggle. 

Now and again is needs to confront anger. 

May God favor the lives of all. 

They might have the capacity to appreciate till the last call. 


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