Three Short Love Poems

 Love Poems

Here is an accumulation of three short love ballads composed by twelve-year-old Emily. The first is a short lyric about how Emily cherishes her instructors. Amid the school year, her writing class was given a task to compose a letter to a withdrawing educator. Emily inquired as to whether she could compose a ballad rather and was given consent.
The second ballad was composed for a handmade card that Emily made for her mom for Mother’s Day. Essentially, the third was composed for a handmade card for her dad for Father’s Day.

The Last Day                                       

The saddest thing
It’s hard to say
Is seeing you on
Your last day.

I take it for granted,                                           

Though I see you a lot,                             
Just how much you do                                
And your kind thought.

You helped me understand
Things I couldn’t before.
I can’t bear to watch you                         
Walk out of that door.

Though I’ll miss you,
I know indeed
You’ll do great out there
Planting new seeds.

“What seeds”, you are asking
“Why can’t I see?”
But you have already
Planted one in me.

It will grow and grow,
As I learn more and more.
Each day I’ll remember
What you taught me before.

I’m happy for you
To plant more seeds.
I know they will grow
Without any weeds.

There won’t be weeds.
Yes, of that I am sure.
For you have touched them.
Now they are pure.

The saddest thing,
It’s hard to say,
Is seeing you on
Your last day.

A Mother’s Day Poem

Mom, I love you.                           


That is true.
All the way
To infinity, too.

Now that I’m older
And wiser, too,
I realize just
How much you do.

Most of the time
I don’t look to see
How many things
You do for me.

For this I am sorry.
Next time I’ll try.
You are wonderful,
And I’m glad you’re mine.

(Emily really can put out what she feels in a love poem, even at age twelve. I hope you see this in time for your next Mother’s Day because it is probably how your child feels about you, whether spoken, written or acted.)

A Father’s Day Poem

This is for you,
Dear Daddy of mine
To let you know                              


I think you’re divine.

A bunch of years
Have flown by real fast
But do not worry,
I’ll always keep our past.

It’ll travel with me
Wherever I go.
I’ll remember the times we’ve had
So long ago.

Please don’t be sad,
Dear Daddy of mine
For there are more to come,
You will find.

I’ll always remember
Those things we did
Like snowmobiling
(When Mommy was hiding).

Riding our bikes,
Hitting golf balls,
Getting up on skis,
Without a fall.

Driving the golf cart,
Nicktoons Racing,
Jumping on the trampoline,
And later your back aching.

No matter where we go
Or what we do,
In my heart always
There’s a place for you.

I hope this card helped
You to see
Just how much
I love you, Daddy!

(More telling than the correct words are the eyes of the little girl as she watches her dad read the by and by arranged ballad. I feel that all youngsters can record their sentiments. Some will be unable to put in ballad organize, yet I consider them to be sonnets at any rate as they are from the heart. This might be simply the most ideal path for them to convey what needs be.
When you see some extra time for your kid coming up, for what reason not give some space, and give pencil and paper. Get some information about how he or she feels about flying creatures, or snow, or the blue sky, or you, or whatever. My figure is that you will be astonished!)


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