All you need to know about the newest Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi

  Justice Ranjan Gogoi took charge as the 46th Chief Justice of India (CJI) earlier today. Hailing from Dibrugarh, Assam, the 63-year-old is the son of former Assam chief minister Keshab Chandra Gogoi. Justice Ranjan Gogoi took charge as the 46th Chief Justice of India (CJI) earlier today. He was He was administered the oath... Continue Reading →

Live Cricket Score: India vs Bangladesh, Super Four, Match 1, Asia Cup 2018

That's a wrap: Three wins in as many games for India with their last two efforts being clinical ones. A day's break tomorrow will help the team rejuvenate before they face off against Pakistan for the second time in this Asia Cup. Post-match: Ravindra Jadeja (Man of the Match): "Finally, I am playing after 15... Continue Reading →

SummerSlam 2018 live results

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (c) for the WWE Universal Championship It’s main event time. We’ve seen Reigns vs. Lesnar before, and again before that, but maybe this time will be different. Maybe. Listen, I’ve got a few minutes left to be optimistic that this will be a short affair, or Strowman will cash-in immediately,... Continue Reading →

Kidney Disease

                                            The Kidneys are 2 fist-sized, bean-shaped organs that are found in the rear portion of the abdominal cavity. They perform several important functions for the human body. Chief among these functions include the... Continue Reading →

How Student Loans Are Workable for Higher Education

Student Loans For Higher Education                           Concentrate in a worldwide college is a tough undertaking. With expanding affirmations and different costs, guardians can't ensure the fund for their tyke's advanced education. Securing confirmation under this situation requires cash and time administration as well. The scope... Continue Reading →

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